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Unicorn Payment provides premium payment solutions for businesses using OpenCart for their online shopping cart.

Unicorn Payment’s low rates paired with our simple integration process provides a perfect solution for stores using OpenCart.

Businesses using OpenCart prefer Unicorn Payment

OpenCart is a powerful, open-source shopping cart system that has been recognised as one of the “Top Three Best E-Commerce Applications” by PackPub. OpenCart was created in 2005 and is known for its stable and extension-rich capabilities. Unicorn Payment, as an OpenCart payment gateway, has been continually integrating features to make a powerful e-commerce solution when its payment solutions are paired with OpenCart.

OpenCart is search engine-friendly and easy to use. Its visually appealing interface gives you a fully functional back and front-end. OpenCart has been developed by a large web development community as opposed to a small group of developers. Due to its development method, it’s been innovated efficiently and it is supported by hundreds of companies around the world.

OpenCart is an excellent solution for any company searching for an open-source e-commerce solution. It is easily integrated with Unicorn Payment’s merchant services and enables an online business to have all the functionality they’ll need to manage their storefront.

Integrate Unicorn Payment

Comprehensive Solutions for OpenCart Checkouts

One of Unicorn Payment’s greatest strengths is just how easy it is to integrate. Unicorn Payment’s e-commerce shopping cart payment gateway is set up to work in any programming language and perfectly compatible with OpenCart.

Quick and Easy Setup

Once you’ve integrated our OpenCart API module, you can pair it with Unicorn Payment’s e-commerce credit card processing to fulfill your company’s payment needs. All of Unicorn Payment’s features are compatible with OpenCart. With our simple integration process, you can get your shop up and running in just a few short hours!

Why Choose Unicorn Payment?

Management Tools

Our powerful dashboard tools allow you to keep track of your transactions, billing, and other valuable metrics right at your fingertips via mobile or desktop devices.

Flexible Payment Options

Unicorn Payment enables you to expand your business by accepting payments globally with customised payment solutions.

Safety & Security

We secure your transactions and protect your business with PCI-DSS compliance, SHA-256 SSL encryption, and a customisable Fraud Scrub.

Excellent Customer Service

Great customer support is vital for your business. At Unicorn Payment, we offer customer support around the clock for both you and your customers.

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