Unicorn Payment Financial Platform

A Dynamic, Global Payment Platform for E-Commerce

Our robust financial platform offers online businesses all the features and functionality they need to set their companies up for success. Unicorn Payment has the industry experience necessary to understand the needs of your online business. Our payment products are built on technology and partnerships that collaborate to give you the ability to accept hundreds of global and domestic payment methods. Your customers from all over the world can select their payment method of choice and check out in a way that feels familiar to them, promoting trust, sales, and success.

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A Service You Can Trust

Choosing Unicorn Payment ensures that your company gets the stability, flexibility, and control of working directly with the program manager and the issuer.

What We Offer

Unicorn Payment’s Financial Platform offers more customised services for your business and adds the functionality that your business needs to be a step ahead of the competition. We are committed to improving the way online businesses accept payments on their websites and improving mobile e-commerce globally. This commitment to the e-commerce space and merchant services has established Unicorn Payment as one of the best online payment solution providers in the world.

Payment Gateway

Our Payment Gateway is the solution that you need for accepting credit cards and more alternative payments from all over the world on your website. Give your customers more options by accepting more types of credit cards, EU Direct Debit, ACH payments, and more.


If you’re looking for a quick and easily integrated solution with minimal coding required, QuickPay is a great choice. You can begin accepting transactions on your website in as little as 12 hours after applying. We offer QuickPay at affordable rates and with QuickPay you can count on having many of our trusted, world-renowned features such as our reporting interface, industry leading security standards, customer service, and fraud prevention technology.

Business Pro

Do you need a more customised solution? Business Pro can fill your needs by offering you a payment page that is built to fit your website. Business Pro adds customisation while still ensuring ease of integration and state-of-the-art security. Business Pro also offers more flexibility and can be paired with almost any shopping cart solution in any programming language, offering a bespoke, unique solution to your business.


Are you in need of a powerful digital wallet solution for online payments that can enable peer-to-peer payments? Our e-wallet solution is a great service that enables you to pay your affiliates, employees, friends, or send money to any other e-wallet holder. Our e-wallet can be used to shop online with Unicorn Payment merchants and promises to keep your account secure while keeping your money at your fingertips via our desktop site or mobile application.

Other Payment Solutions

Unicorn Payment mPOS

Merchants often need the convenience of accepting payments on their mobile devices. With Unicorn Payment’s mPOS Solution, you’ll have the ability to accept every major credit card on your phone by plugging in our proprietary mobile point-of-sale unit. Simply plug in the device and download our mobile application, then, you can log in with your Unicorn Payment merchant account and accept “on-the-go” payments.

Prepaid Card

Unicorn Payment’s Prepaid Card Solution offers a simple solution for payouts. Our prepaid cards are linked to individual e-wallet accounts and can act as a bank account alternative or simplified payment method. Your Unicorn Payment prepaid card can be used anywhere that Visa or MasterCard is accepted. Trust that your funds are secure and readily available from your account at any time.

Mobile App

Keep track of your business around the clock with Unicorn Payment’s mobile application. You’ll have all your transactions available to view right at your fingertips. Our powerful mobile application offers in-depth reporting tools all in a simple, easy-to-use interface. Our free mobile application is included with your account so that you always have the information that you need.

Partnership Program

Are you looking for a new opportunity to make money? Our Partnership Program offers you the opportunity to earn percentage-based residuals by referring merchants to Unicorn Payment. Our partners earn monthly residuals from the merchants they refer who are actively processing transactions. Our success is your success. Partner with us today, obligation-free.

Our Payment Gateway

Are you looking for a powerful e-commerce solution that will help you reach your business’ full potential? We can offer you more than just a dashboard. Our payment gateway services will empower you with industry-leading tools that you need to manage your company. Access real-time transaction data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on your desktop or mobile device.

Simple Integrations

At Unicorn Payment, we strive to make the integration process as simple as possible. We understand that many companies do not have a development department that can take on a long, complicated integration. This, is why we offer simple, streamlined integrations and free integration assistance at no additional charge.


QuickPay offers a Unicorn Payment-hosted payment page that requires minimal coding.

Custom Pay

Custom Pay provides a customisable payment page hosted by Unicorn Payment with minimal coding required.

Direct API Integrations

Our Direct API Integrations allow merchants to connect directly to Unicorn Payment’s API. It requires some coding to complete the integration, and for this, we offer free integration assistance.

Tokenization API

Our Tokenisation API allows merchants to take themselves out of the PCI scope by connecting directly.

Tokenization Script

By using our Tokenisation Script, merchants can paste one line of JavaScript onto their payment page/mobile app and take themselves out of the PCI scope.

Mobile POS

Using our Mobile POS solution allows merchants to accept transactions with our mobile application and POS device without any additional coding.

Shopping Carts

Our RESTful APIs and ready-built modules make integration simpler with no additional coding necessary in some instances. Integrate your shopping cart option of choice with ease. If some coding is necessary, we offer free integration assistance for all merchants.

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Card Issuing

Client Tools

With Unicorn Payment, you can manage your own card portfolios with our simple-to-use dashboard application. You can even automate payout systems with our API integrations.

Cardholder Tools

Cardholders can take control and customise their own cards with many features and functionalities including:

  • Suspend/Unsuspend Cards
  • Block Merchant Categories
  • Transfer Funds
  • Secondary & Linked Cards
  • SMS Notifications

Proprietary BIN Management

Unicorn Payment can offer cards issued from every SEPA country in all popular currencies. We make global payouts simple with proprietary BIN management.

Global Payouts

If you need to issue payments to companies and customers around the world, our corporate payout program will enable you to do this with ease.

Simple Mobile Wallet Payments

Our e-wallet gives users a simple, secure means to pay friends, family, and business associates. With your e-wallet account, you can add money to your digital wallet by linking your bank account. From there, you can manage your funds and send payments with your computer or mobile device with our e-wallet dashboard.

Sending & Receiving Funds

Send payments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week whenever you have the need. Our powerful e-wallet tool makes sending and receiving funds quick and easy from e-wallet user to e-wallet user.

Connect With People

Cyber security is important. When you transfer funds to a friend or business associate’s account, you can rely on quick, secure transactions.

Make Purchases

Checkout processes can often take too long on new websites. E-wallet holding customers can checkout faster with more peace of mind when they use their e-wallet with participating merchants.

E-Wallet Features

Unicorn Payment’s e-wallet offers a cost-effective money transfer solution from peer to peer in multiple currencies and is compatible with banks around the globe. It is the only digital wallet that is connected to MasterCard, UnionPay, and Visa prepaid cards. We proudly offer a mobile application-based alternative that enables users to seamlessly transfer, exchange, and spend money.

For Retail Clients

  • Multiple Interfaces (Web, iOS App, Android App)
  • Discounted FX Rates
  • Connectivity with Over 100 Banks with Pay-In/Pay-Out Options
  • Preferential Rates and Services with Premium Subscription
  • Choice of Prepaid Cards (MasterCard, UnionPay, Visa)
  • Currency Specific Cards in Major World Currencies
  • On-Demand Virtual Cards
  • Exclusive MasterCard Promotions
  • Phone-Based ATM Withdrawals Worldwide
  • 24/7 Customer Support

For Business Clients

  • White-Label Wallet
  • Customer KYC Reviews and Approvals
  • Transaction/Deposit Monitoring for Fraud
  • Transaction/Deposit Monitoring for AML
  • QuickPay Connect for E-Commerce Transactions
  • APIs for Custom Enhancements


We have built our technology to be exceptionally scalable and flexible. Our in-house development team consists of experienced payment engineers, and we are constantly making improvements to increase the capabilities, security, and speed.

Real-time Program Control

We have built in a variety of back-end controls that offer customer service agents and our approved client partners more capabilities for providing leading edge service.

Industry-Leading Security

At Unicorn Payment, we have implemented the most advanced EMV chips and PCI compliant security in the industry so that we can most effectively protect cardholders. Many issuers rely on mag-stripe technology to cut costs, but we choose to put cardholders first. We even offer on-demand virtual cards for cardholders for online purchase security.

Fraud Management

We have a dedicated team of fraud protection and compliance professionals that study trends so that our company and its clients can always stay ahead of fraud. At the time of each transaction, over 50 fraud rules are analysed to keep all parties safe and keep our cards and programs secure and cost-effective.

Customer Service

Support When You Need It

Unicorn Payment has an international team working day and night to make sure you have the help you need when you need it. Our customer service is available to answer your questions and keep your business running smoothly.

Customisable Reporting

It is important that you have the most up-to-date information on your business at all times. Our customisable transaction reporting is easy-to-use and shown in real-time so you can monitor your transactions and make the best decisions based on your company’s financials.

Customer Support

Unicorn Payment prides itself on giving your business options, and this includes customer service. Our customer service team is available day and night by phone or e-mail. Reach out to us in the method that is most convenient for your team.

Apply Today

Sign up and get approved today. Unicorn Payment will empower your business with the ability to accept more payments on a global level with leading edge features and functionality.

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